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Geo-events for 2020 and Coronavirus

Mine Walk

2020 has not turned out to be the year that any of us expected. 

One of the things that thinking in geological timescales does, is to give perspective. The current situation is frustrating, worrying and at times lonely, and has meant chunks of work being postponed to another year. It is temporary though and like the advance and retreat of the ice sheets in our earth’s most recent glaciation, more temperate times will return (and in a much shorter timescale!).

As the process for moving out of out of lockdown starts to happen, planning is taking place for a time when it will be possible to run Northumberland Coast AONB geo-diversity walks again. It is likely it will be a while before they can be run as before but I am putting in place processes to enable safe geodiversity walks once I am assured that it is safe to do so and with the approval of the AONB partnership. Any updates on this will be posted here and in the Northumbrian Earth Newsletter and Facebook and Twitter feeds.  

After much work to fully update the book, including a new set of maps and artwork, a new edition of the Northumberland Coast Rocks! has now been published and may be ordered directly from Northumbrian Earth. Just go to the "Shop" page which can be found on the left hand menu bar.


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Interesting items

  • In Praise of Pentagonal

    In Praise of Pentagonal

    A sharp eyed walk along the beach at Cocklawburn or on Lindisfarne and with a bit of luck you may find a small disc, shaped like a tiny petrified polo mint.

  • Where has Hadrian’s Wall Gone?

    Where has Hadrian’s Wall Gone?

    Before I answer that question, here is a little bit of background information from a manuscript fragment recently discovered in an obscure roman outpost at Ecclesia Novum-Oppidum near to the Fluvium Collegium (surprisingly close to where I live!) and published in the journal Falsus Nuntium. 

  • Northumberland Coast Rocks!

    Northumberland Coast Rocks!

    This project, which was completed during 2015 organised by the Howick Heritage Group and supported with HLF funding, delivered a book, some educational work with a local first and middle school and a series of walks and talks. In this section of geo-diversity resources you can have a look at the presentation given for the walks and talks as well as much of the material which was used in the educational work including lesson plans, activities and exercises.  There is also a handy guide to fossils to be found on the beach at Seahouses (and elsewhere on the coast).


  • "Ian is an ethusiastic geologist and if you go on enough of his walks you soon will be too! Although I have visited the Northumberland Coast many times before, learning about its geology allowed me to see it from a very different perspective. Ian was an enagaging and entertaining guide and as a result of his walk I was able to understand more about this fascinating area."

    Sam Isaac
    Sustainable Tourism researcher


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